Intelligent GPS Tracking

UTrackIT supply a range of personal and business GPS-based real-time tracking solutions. These range from standard satellite-tracking for fitting into vehicles, to portable tracking that provides real-time information on the movement of personnel, and extends to a range of devices that can provide satellite-positioning over months and even years. The product range is suitable for applications that include fleet tracking and usage monitoring, personal and asset tracking, perimeter guarding, and even animals.

Vehicle Tracking

UTrackIT business solutions for vehicles include second-by-second location & speed when a driving exception is detected (be that a sudden stop, hard accelleration, exceeding the vehicle-specific speed limit). Optional Driver ID, with SMS notification on power tampering or speeding is available. Travel into or outside of designated zones can be monitored by setting up ‘zoning areas’. Fleet tracking is made easy with a daily travel summary sent via email automatically for all vehicles in the fleet.

Perimeter & Guard Monitoring

MobiGuard provides the ultimate tool for managing scheduled activity on your estate, business premises or property. With real-time updates on adherence to routes and schedules, that include visual as well as optional SMS alerts, you are assured the monitoring of your assets is being conducted. Add to this the movement logs and performance reporting features of the MobiGuard system and there can never be an excuse again. ** MobiGuard works for individuals too, providing real-time tracking in a small portable device.

UTrackIT - Providing A Unique Tracking Solution Admin Interface
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Upgraded Admin Panel

Our newly reburbished admin panel now supports any browser on any device, including tablets and smartphones. No application downloads neccessary.

Need Tracking for Insurance

Include our recovery options to meet the insurance industry requirement for your vehicle to be fitted with SAIA Approved tracking.

Smartphone asset tracking

Find out how UTrackIT lets you track your vehicle and manage your trips, all from the palm of your hand.

Manage assets from 1 platform

UTrackIT's advanced asset tracking and management platform gives you easy access to activities and movements.

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