UTrackIT Products are designed and manufactured in South Africa.

The aim at UTrackIT is to provide an excellent GPS Tracking device that anyone can use. There are many tracking products out there; some trackers are for recovering your vehicle if stolen, others are for navigation. There are products you need to send a message to before they report where they are.

UTrackIT is a personal tracking device. Once switched on the information is sent from the device to the UTrackIT servers, and using the unique serial number of the device you can see where it is, and where it has been.

That is what UTrackIT does, and it does so very well.

As recently featured on the Hi-Tech Security Solution Magazine website.

Always-on GPS Tracking with ignition sensing, motion sensing, and integrated tamper alert should someone disable the device. Harsh braking and speeding are included in the reports and can be emphasized with an SMS (should you want immediate notification).

External inputs are available allowing for customized installations.

Extend the tracking capabilities to manage your fleet; UTrackIT Business solutions include Driver ID, SMS notification on Power tampering and User-arming options to report movement when armed. 'Zoning' areas can be set up to report either entering into, or travel outside designated zones. A daily travel report for all vehicles in the fleet is auto-generated, making management of vehicle usage a pleasure. Hard braking and Speeding is reported as standard on these daily reports, with the thresholds set on the individual vehicles.

UTrackIT Vehicle tracking units operate off 12V and 24V vehicle power, and include an internal rechargeable battery to protect against power being cut. The Ignition sensor is the only interface between the vehicle and the installed UTrackIT. The unit measures 12cm x 8cm x 2.5cm and can be discretely installed.

Our MobiTrack Longlife product offers Satellite-location (GPS) features of a fully-installed tracking solution in a completely portable format. The internal GPS Antenna is omni-directional and the internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion power-pack provides for 96 hours of operation (and up to 4 months of stand-by power), making MobiTrack LL ideal for tracking requirements not suited to a permanent installation. The internal battery pack recharges using a standard USB connection. The integrated motion sense switches to low-power mode within minutes of the unit stopping, but with instant wake-up as movement occurs. This motion-intelligence allows MobiTrack Long Life to operate in a stand-by mode for extended periods of time, making it ideal for tracking vehicles and equipment that is infrequently used.

Satellite-location (GPS), Speed, Distance travelled, and Journey recording are standard and in real-time. Exceeding the set Speed limit, as well as hard deceleration are recorded and displayed on the daily travel reports sent via email automatically. Low battery warning, and the No-Motion shut-down is visually displayed on the mapping application so there is never any doubt as to whether the unit is operating correctly.

MobiTrack LongLife price includes the unit cost and all costs for the first year’s use
(* excludes roaming and optional SMS notification)

An ultra long-life tracking unit requiring no external power for applications with no power source. Weighing under 100 grams and small enough to slip into almost any space this unit provides discrete breadcrumb tracks. Operation is motion-triggered, and location (GPS) logging can be as often as every minute, or can be on start of movement, or stopping. Data transmission can be linked to Start-of-movement, Stopping, or simply daily or weekly. The choice of operation depends on the application and battery life required. Typically a 1 minute fix interval with transmission on Start and Stop would give 18 hours tracking. If the requirement can be met by a daily report then the fLead LongLife provides approximately 24 months of operation.

The location can be scheduled to log to an on-board archive that is not uploaded automatically, and this operation allows for extensive movement data to be recorded without the battery being run down to the same extent as would occur if the logs were being transmitted. The device can independently report location daily. Specific archive logs that are relevant can then be requested as the need arises.

For a research application the logs can be collected over months (or even years), with only limited data being transmitted so the location remains known. The fLead Extreme can then be recovered and the archive requested in a lab-type environment.

UTrackIT offer the LongLife technology in a number of packages and battery configurations based on the specific expectation in terms of life, transmit rate, and logging frequency, as well as size and weight expectations. Depending on your specific positioning requirement, and the correctly matched cell, this can offer you location awareness for any length of time. The standard product is shipped in an IP67 enclosure 80mm x 43mm tube and will provide 4-hourly locations that are collected, and transmitted daily; providing 18 months to 2 years of motion-triggered tracking.

Our fLite Solar device was initially designed for vultures and foxes, using a built-in solar panel to maintain power. After an extensive 2 year design cycle, these flite Solar devices are now suitable to be used on almost any animal of any size. Birds are also suitable candidates for these devices, provided it is possible to safely attach a harness between the wings. Apart from animals, we have identified that this unique device is also ideal for drones and other remotely controlled “toys”.

The flite Solar device offers Satellite-location (GPS) features of a fully-installed tracking solution in a completely portable format. Satellite-location (GPS), Speed, Distance travelled, and Journey recording are standard and in real-time.

The rate at which these units transmit information is completely customisable via our web interface. Depending on the requirements of the user, our flite Solar devices can be adjusted to record information every minute, hour, day or week.

The information captured is stored securely in the cloud and 100% accessible through our web interface on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Our fLite Solar device is ultra slim, completely waterproof and completely solar charged in order to make it an industry leading device for animal tracking.

This entry-level tracking module logs all movements of the guard. The MobiGuard device is robust and waterproof. It offers a straightforward, industry-standard tracking solution recording current position and route.

While moving, GPS data is recorded continuously and logged based on speed of travel, as well as having each stop and start logged. Frequent (within the minute) transmission of GPS data allow the route travelled to be followed over the Internet using a PC or mobile phone. Each MobiGuard device has a unique serial number chip to identify each guard. GPS (position) data is stored against this ID so past patrol logs can be accurately reviewed.

When there is no GPS possible (for example when the guard is in a building), the GPS can be complemented by placing RF 'Canaries' at strategic locations. The MobiGuard+ has an embedded reader that reads the canary identity and includes the time the guard passed this physical beacon in the normal patrol logs.

Patrol reports can be configured to provide a 1-page summary of beacon visits and the time spent at each during each patrol. Beacons can be virtual (GPS locations) or physical (canaries).

MobiAlert is a black box that is pre-programmed with the site patrol schedule and includes a canary RF beacon. The beacon is there to confirm the guard has left the guardhouse, and the schedule sounds an alarm to prompt the guard to go on patrol (first a buzzer, and then a siren if the guard does not acknowledge). MobiAlert has been developed in response to client requests for a prompt to remind the guard to go on patrol, and to act as a dead-man’s switch that will sound the siren should the guard be unable to press the acknowledge button.

MobiAlert can be extended to receive motion signals from wireless proximity beams and this allows the guard to be notified of someone approaching when he is not watching – eg. vehicle approaching the gate. It has arm times that allow the siren to be on longer at night (in case he is on patrol), and short (or off entirely) during the day when there will be more traffic. If the use of a siren that could disturb the neighbours is undesirable, then the MobiAlert can switch on a strobe light to bring attention to an alert.

It can be further extended to include a modem that reports if the guard does not press the acknowledge button – a feature included in case he is indisposed (tied up) – and will notify the control room to take action.

For site and perimeter guarding, a visual grid representing patrol points visited by the guard simplifies the analysis of whether patrols have been performed correctly. Activities that require a person to be at a specified location on schedule can be complemented by an optional No-Show SMS to line managers and the control centre, thus freeing up resources as exceptions are highlighted timeously.

The Lithium-Ion rechargeable cell provides for 10 to 14 hours of continuous operation between charging. The unit is sealed at manufacture, a feature made possible by the new 'Qi' charging standard that offers highly efficient, wireless recharging within approximately four hours.

MobiGuard is standard with GPS for satellite positioning and GPRS for data transmission to your UTrackIT asset mapping and route review account.

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