UTrackIT is a fully-functioning GPS Tracking Unit including all operational costs for 12 months.

As businesses struggle with selecting a tracking provider, UTrackIT may seem just another GPS device. Quite the opposite is true; it is very cost effective, and is differentiated from other trackers by the following:

  • UTrackIT is an always-on, real-time tracking solution
    • When your UTrackIT-fitted asset moves, this is recorded, and transmitted
  • UTrackIT maintains internet-based servers for all its clients
    • You are not responsible for the cost, or maintenance of a Tracking System
  • UTrackIT supplies tracking at a fixed cost
    • Your price buys the tracking device, service and support, and the tracking data. Annually you renew this service and data for a fixed (and known) cost.
  • Value-added services
    • Movement alarm by SMS, specialized reporting, geo-fencing and geo-reporting are but a few of the services available in addition to the base tracking provided.
  • UTrackIT lets you know if there is a problem with your tracking
    • Each day an email summary of your assets’ movements is sent (with a warning if there appears to be a problem)
  • Locally designed, manufactured, and supported means … there is no other product to consider
All you will need is a Web-enabled device – PC, laptop or specialized Internet-compatible phone or tablet, your account and password.

UTrackIT Does The Rest

UTrackIT uses the data available from global positioning satellites (GPS) to track your vehicles, assets, or people. The GPS data is transferred to the UTrackIT servers behind the scenes without you doing anything; where it is made available to you.

Your investment is in the relatively inexpensive tracking device, and some way to connect to the internet (which you most likely already do). UTrackIT devices are purchased with one-year tracking included, which is renewable on the anniversary of your purchase. Should your need be only short-term, or your budget is limited, UTrackIT does offers two other plans: Term Purchase (over 36months), and Rental on an ‘as needed’ basis (charged daily or weekly).

Installed or Mobile

Installed: It is important to place the UTrackIT unit in a location in the vehicle that offers the unit protection from the elements (dust, heat/cold) and does not expose the electronics to unnecessary vibration. The device must also be well concealed, with the placement being such that access to the unit as well as the antenna is difficult while the vehicle is being driven.

Sometimes the placement is a compromise between these various considerations. It is important though to take as much as possible into account to ensure the unit will operate for years without any maintenance.

There are tracking requirements where a permanent installation is not ideal. This is where MobiTrack LongLife is the ideal solution. Packed with enough rechargeable Lithium Ion cells to last around 100 hours of drive-time, MobiTrack is full-featured, reporting travel data, recording driving style and generating exceptions in the same way as an installed unit would. When the batteries are low it can be plugged into a USB charger and recharged over a weekend.

Installed: The only required connection between the UTrackIT device and the vehicle is a permanent voltage supply (12V to 24V).

Current draw from the vehicle battery is no more than 0.38A (at 12V) when transmitting at the maximum rate, and is significantly lower under normal operation.
Mobile: MobiTrack units have an integrated GPS antenna, and although this antenna is designed to pick up the GPS satellites under poor signal, the placement of the unit on the person or in the asset being tracked will affect the quality of the signal and hence the accuracy of the position. Always be aware of the simple adage; GPS and Metal don’t mix – and so select a location that allows a metal-free view of the sky.

Tracking your Asset

GPS is everywhere; with tracking of assets, vehicles and people possible in real time, anywhere in the world. Choosing the right tracking provider can be challenging. In UTrackIT, you have the choice of vehicle, portable, or personal tracking devices you manage from a Web-based, real-time tracking program. With a PC, the Internet, and no specific software, UTrackIT gives you the ability to quickly find your assets; here is how:

Quick Guide

  1. Register at https://www.UTrackIT.net. Each UTrackIT device has a unique Serial Number that, once registered, restricts access to the login details you provide. Select “First-Time Login”, enter your Serial Number, along with your Name (or company name) and email address. This creates a unique login, restricting access to your information to yourself
  2. Login to https://www.UTrackIT.net. The Map shows the current locations of all of your assets.
  3. Click on ‘Auto’ Refresh and the location updates automatically, maintaining the map of the latest locations of your assets.
  4. Personalise the individual device ‘Balloon’. Right-Click the Balloon to access the Edit Device Information tool and update your asset information; the displayed name and additional information you may refer to on reports. The Edit function also allows you to personalise the mapping icons so they are visually distinguished on the map.
  5. Wind back Time to review where an asset was at a specific time in the past. Review movements on a past day or over a week. This is possible by selecting a Date and Time Range, and selecting ‘Fetch’ (see ‘Historical Data Guide’).

Recall Historical Tracking records

There are many reasons your tracking solution should allow you to ‘Look back in Time’. If you are running a company, you may need to check a vehicle delivered, or was at a specific destination, at a claimed time. A member of the public may have complained about your vehicle’s driving and you need to verify which vehicle was responsible. You may even simply be wondering why your own fuel bill is so high.

You can do this using (1) the Date-Time-Range to ‘Fetch’ the period you are interested in; be it a specific journey, a day, a week, or even extended over a few months. Select the Start and End of your time window to restrict the data you will see to the range you are interested in. Now (2) Left-Click any device ‘Balloon’ to see the summary for that asset; distance travelled is shown by default and the quick-link to the Whole Period (distance) will plot the travel logs on the map. The Summary Page will list the total distance travel logs day-by-day. (3) It is even possible to download the detailed GPS location, speed, and distance as a file you can work with as a spreadsheet; applying your own filters to the data, or as a KML file, allowing detailed movement replay using the Google Earth application.
To recall historical data

  • Choose the date and time range
  • Click ‘Fetch’ to roll back in time to the date/time of interest.
The Map display refreshes, showing you the location of your assets/vehicles as they were at the end of the time you specified. The “trail” or “detail” within the time window is available when you left-click an assets’ location ‘Balloon’. You can download the route to review and replay travel detail off-line using Google Earth, or filter speeds and distance travelled using a Spreadsheet.

Software Required

No specific software is required to track your assets fitted with UTrackIT tracking devices; UTrackIT provides “Web-based” access, meaning that any Internet-enabled device – a laptop, desktop or a “web-enabled” smart phone – can access your assets’ location data. Some analysis is however easier done on your local PC and not on the internet. If you are familiar with applications such as Google Earth®, or Microsoft’s Excel, you can left-click an asset, and ‘Download’ the detailed trail data. With Google Earth®, and Microsoft Excel® you can:

  • Replay the travel log in an interactive format
  • Analyze the travel data in Excel®.
  • Filter the data to only show excessive speed.
  • There is even a summary of the distance traveled each day, with daily average and month totals.
This data remains active for 3 months (older archive data is available on request).

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